Welcome Message

Jong Soo Lee

Dear colleagues and members of the Korean Ophthalmological Society (KOS)

First, I would like to thank the delegates and every member of the KOS for giving me such warm support. , I am honored to be the second chairman of the board coming from a noncapital region since the foundation of the KOS 74 years ago, but I also feel the heavy responsibility of this designated position.

The 22nd Ophthalmological Society is focused on raising the reputation of the Society, protecting the rights of the members, and gaining trust from the general public. We will focus on improving our Society’s finances by creating new revenue models from joint research projects related to the convergence of multiple medical disciplines. We will also focus on establishing a non-contact platform for exchanging medical information among our Society members and plan to operate a media channel for uploading academic videos, promotional videos for the prevention of eye diseases, and educational videos for basic ophthalmological procedures and surgery. Also, we will proactively support the long-awaited SCIE registration of our academic journals, the publication of specialized academic journals by sub-specialty societies, and the promotion of projects of public interest. In order to protect the rights of our members, our sub-specialty societies and the Korean Ophthalmologists Association (KOA) will maintain close cooperation, working together in concert to improve and rationalize our healthcare reimbursement system. We will not hesitate to take firm action on members who perform unethical medical practices by taking measures such as suspension of membership, etc. To gain the trust from the general public, we will develop polices to conduct a nationwide epidemiologic survey of eye diseases centered on our academic society and develop eye examinations appropriate for each life cycle. We will cooperate with the Korean Foundation for Prevention of Blindness (Eye Love Foundation) to provide medical care for underprivileged people, thereby promoting the KOS to the public.

In order to increase the reputation of our Society, to protect the rights of our members, and to gain trust from the general people, we need the support and cooperation from our members more than ever. We will do our best to respond to the rapidly changing healthcare environments with strategic choices and judgements, and to gain the confidence of the general public through earnest outreach programs.

Thank you.

The 22nd Ophthalmological Society Chairman of the Board, Jong Soo Lee